Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

We passed through Buenos Aires twice, the first time en route to Patagonia and enjoying a full day or two there, and the second time for less than a day en route home from Iguazu Falls. But we made good use of the time, visiting a few of the neighborhoods: the colorful Boca and the iconic Recoleta, the latter home to the cemetery where Madonna...er...Eva Peron is interred. We saw the presidential palace (the aptly-named Casa Rosada, or "Pink House"); went by boat through the Venice-like town of Tigre where people live on the water; viewed the city from above from a rotating restaurant; toured the famous Teatro de Colon opera house; and generally took exchange of the black market exchange rate.

We spent a day and a half at Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. We saw the cataracts up close on a walkway; from above on a helicopter, and from underneath -- where it was very, very, wet -- on a power boat.

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Buenos Aires.  ...known to its inhabitants as "The Center of the Universe". A large and diverse city with a multitude of different neighborhoods and a characteristic French-Italian architecture. It sits on the Rio del Plata, which (per its name) ought to be silver in color but is in fact chocolate brown.

Iguazu Falls.  One of those places that truly must be experienced to be understood. 275 cataracts producing a million roaring gallons of water per second during our visit, shortly after heavy rains, it dwarfs Niagara.


Iguazu Falls Panoramas.  Views of some of the cataracts and some of the local wildlife.
Iguazu Falls Helicopter Ride. Like it says. Quite the view!

Iguazu Falls Boat Ride.  Oh yes...right into the falls. Like the Maid of the Mist on steroids.