San Francisco 2012

February 3-6, 2012

We had a wonderful visit to Gabriel, watching him flourish in his element. The highlights included:

bullet Fun touristy stuff at the Embarcadero, Chinatown, and Point Reyes National Seashore;
bullet Walking around the Berkeley campus and visiting Gabe's labs (including a tour of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab(LBNL));
bullet Meeting up with Darrow's dad Russ, and Alice's brother John and sister-in-law Keren;
bullet Enjoying our traditional roasted Dungeness crab at Thanh Long's Restaurant; and
bullet Scarfing the cosmically- wonderful absolute Best Ice Cream Sandwich In The World ($2 each at a store called CREAM next to the Berkeley campus

I've divided the pictures into two Flickr albums, one with the more touristy stuff and one with more family pictures. Just click on the thumbnail or description to see the photo album in another window:

Embarcadero, downtown, beach in Sunset district, Point Reyes

With Gabe et al at Berkeley.  Gabe's apartment, labs, and tour of LBNL

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