Long Beach Island 2010

August 14-21, 2010

Another successful Family Beach Week, complete with feats of athletic derring-do!

I've dumped everybody's pictures out onto Flickr (good and bad alike); since there are a lot of them, they are divided up into three albums.  So just click on the thumbnail or description to see the photo album in another window:

Hanging around the house and the pool

Parasailing.  "Look at me!  I'm flyi....<splash>"

Waterskiing and tubing.  "Look at me!  I'm water sk...<splash>"

And there are videos.  Oh yes, there are videos.  You can view these epic cinematic breakthroughs by clicking on the thumbnail images or captions.  First, two waterskiing adventures:

The family attempts to water ski.

Marshall actually does water ski.

...and our ascent to the heights via parasail:

Sib and Tanushree Gabe and Darrow Rich and Alice Rich and Mom

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