Short Videos from Costa Rica and Nicaragua

February 8 - 19, 2007

  The motto of our hotel in Costa Rica (the Costa Verde) is "Still More Monkeys Than People".  Watch this video to see the truth of that.
  On a catamaran ride we were treated to a visit by a pod of "false orcas", which are rather rare.  They are related to dolphins but resemble orcas and are extremely aggressive.  These were 15' - 20' in length.
  The marketplace in Chinandega, about two hours from Cinco Pinos and the closest thing to a city.  A rabbit warren of stalls, colorful and odiferous.
  It was a fiesta weekend in Cinco Pinos, the feast of their patron saint.  Here is a parade through town, complete with tubas and fireworks.
  That night, the town thronged the main street, which was thick with vendors, food, cockfights, gambling, and possibly the least safe Ferris wheel in the world.

On the way back to Managua, we stopped in Somotillo and bought some wonderful cookies.  The town has broad, dusty streets, as you see here.
  Masaya Volcano is an hour south of Managua and is quite active, constantly emitting sulfurous clouds and the occasional burp of huge rocks.  Signs warn you to hide under your car if the latter happens.  Good luck with that.
  In the dry season, Cinco Pinos and environs are hot as hell and dry as dust.  See how this thick layer of dust completely coats the plants by the road.


  On country roads in inland Nicaragua, on a one lane bridge, the cows have right of way.

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