We were five days in Zimbabwe, in two strikingly locales: Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.  The first was another game-viewing trip, slightly different from the others insofar as Hwange is (slightly) more developed and managed than the other parks we had visited.  Just outside the park is the small town of Dete, where we also visited a local school. Victoria Falls is of course dominated by the famous falls themselves, which we walked around and flew over (by helicopter!); we also visited a small village -- more of a compound -- occupied by a family of subsistence farmers. 


Hwange National Park.  The largest in Zimbabwe, with the occasional actual paved road.  Outside the park we visited the St. Francis Xavier School.  

Victoria Falls.  Album includes both our hike and our helicopter ride around the falls, as well as our visit to  a family of subsistence farmers.


Wildlife montage of the animals at Hwange National Park  

St. Francis Xavier School: the students assemble in the morning

Craft market at Victoria Falls: Alice drives a hard bargain  

Baboons on the grounds of the Rainbow Hotel, where we stayed in Victoria Falls

Helicopter ride over the falls