We enjoyed a genuine once-in-a-lifetime experience in southern Africa, visiting four countries at the locations highlighted in yellow in the map below.  To see photos and videos from the various parts of the trip, you can click on either the yellow highlights on the map or use the navigation panel at left.  (Note that there are two links on the navigation panel that you cannot get to from the map, but which you can click either right here or on the panel: Rich's travel journal and Rich's "safari-ized" office, the latter being the surreal prank decorating job that Rich's staff performed on his office to greet him upon our return.  You can always return to this page by clicking on the "main Africa page" link in the navigation panel.

The links in the nav panel reflect the order of the trip, Cape Town having been our first stop and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe our last (except for a final day in Johannesburg prior to our flight).  We were in Cape Town on our own for 4 days and made all of our own tour and lodging arrangements.  The 15-day Botswana-Zambia-Zimbabwe safari leg of the trip was a small group tour with 13 other people that we booked through Overseas Adventure Travel, whom we can recommend very highly.  (They title this trip as their "Ultimate Africa" tour as it is their longest and most extensive safari.)

It is hard to capture the range of amazing experiences and the overall thrilling atmosphere of this trip; it will set the standard for all of our future vacations.  Read the journal and look at the pictures and videos!